Friday, June 16, 2006

Equality Now

The regular reader of this blog might be aware that I'm a feminist and like Joss Whedon. Well you wouldn't have to be that frequent a reader, since the first three things you learn about this blog are that I don't like capitalism, I do like feminism, and I'm inclined to quote Joss Whedon without any provocation. I'm also fairly sure that there are people who read my my blog who like both Joss Whedon and feminism.

You might be interested to know that fundraising showings of Serenity are being held in Auckland (e-mail, Wellington and a few other cities.

I don't know anything about the charity involved - Equality Now (except that I think it was formed by a former pupil of Joss's mother - it is possible that I should have used the part of my brain where I stored that information for something a tad more practical) - but it's got to be better than giving money to Universal. If you haven't already seen Serenity don't you want to watch it again? If you haven't seen it, then doesn't my overanalysis make you kind of wish you had?

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  1. As a warning for those that haven't seen Serenity yet - it really does pay to track down the Firefly series and watch that first.
    The movie is *way* more enjoyable when you have a clue about what is going on and why the characters have the idiosynchricies they do...