Friday, June 23, 2006

Green and pleasant land

I'd like to apologise to English Marxists - I'm officially supporting England in the soccer world cup, England and the runner up of Group H (either Ukraine or Tunisia). We had our soccer world cup pool at work today (we didn't have enough people to do the full 32 teams), and if England wins I get $50. Which seems like the best reason to support a team that I've ever heard.


  1. and say "Arrrrr" more too.

    I'm supporting England too, because I got swept up in the wave whilst in the country and I want to see Peter Crouch do that damn dance.

  2. Steve and his mates have some personal definition of "socialist" that equates to "people I don't like."

    I feel a certain patriotic duty to support England, but personally I don't think Maia's in much danger of getting that $50 (sorry Span.)

  3. that's ok, it's not your fault Brazil are looking so damn good (and Argentina too, and of course France, and Germany, and...)