Thursday, May 11, 2006

Our Lives are different than other people's

The thing about the internet is that you get a window into other people's lives. It's just sometimes these lives are very strange. I was looking at baby clothes on trade-me with a friend and found an auction for Christian Dior Baby mittens scarf and beanie. I'm still disturbed that there are people who buy Christian Dior for their baby. Apparently very expensive baby clothes look like this:Weird - but not worth writing a post about. The reason I wrote about it was the explanation the woman selling it gave:

My goodness. I can't believe I'm selling this. Actually, I'm kind of hoping it won't meet reserve and won't sell, then I will definitely keep it! My husband thinks his son will grow up 'less of a man' if I dress him in Christian Dior - he'd prefer him in a black singlet, swandri, stubbies & gumboots I think - oh dear :(

I agreed to list this, and if I can get back enough of what I paid for it, then I'd sell it. Otherwise my wee baby will be wearing it for sure!! The price of 24 pounds (approx $75NZD) is still on the label...and this is just for the mittens!
After reading that I ended up wanting the woman not to be able to get her money back, and for the baby to get to wear the mittens that'll make him less of a man.


  1. Well, looking at that expensive clobber it seems more likely that Dad just couldn't believe anyone was sucked into paying so much for such boring clothes, especially since the kid will get at the most a few months wear out of them.

    If you have money you spend it on stuff. I bought Doc Martens to fit a two-year-old for my nephew not long after he was born - can't remember what they cost but it wouldn't have been a whole lot less than grown-ups' DMs. Eventually they turned back up for my kids, in almost-new condition because they were only good for one winter on someone growing that fast. (Of course, by that time, having my own kids, I realised that providing something with laces for a two-year-old is by no means being kind to a parent.)

  2. Wow. Some people just have more money than they know what to do with. Well, I'll try to think charitably of this woman: hopefully she will donate the money she gets from the sale to a homeless people's shelter or something.

  3. Real men wear pink. Well at least they do in Korea. They also carry handbags and have make-up too.