Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Half Birthday to This Blog

I realised that this blog passed the six month mark sometime last month. I think this was something to celebrate, but I missed it entirely.

So I thought celebrate this milestone by doing two things that normal people do when they start a blog and one, extremely narcisstic, thing that most people leave to the end of the year. I'll be putting together a list of links (although I'm going to start with New Zealand blog, and non-blog links, and putting together my favourite 10 posts of my first six months.

But now I'm going to explain the name "Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty". I assume a fairly high percentage of my readership will get the reference. Since feminist blog readers and Joss fans are a couple of groups that have been known to have some overlap.

For those of you who are cooler than me, the title of my blog is a reference to Graduation II, the last episode of Season 3 of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. There's a big fight and they've just blown up a big giant snake, and the entire high school. After the battles done, and they've kind of won Buffy and Giles have a conversation:

Giles: Quite a couple of days.
Buffy: My brain hasn't processed everything yet. It's not really functioning at the higher levels. It's pretty much, 'fire bad, tree pretty.' Anything more complex...
Giles: Understandable. Well when it starts working again, congratulate it on a good campaign. You did very well.....There is a certain dramatic irony in the way things turned out. Asynchronicity that borders on predestination, one might say.
Buffy: Fire bad, tree pretty.
That's the reference, which doesn't actually explain why I called by blog Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty.

It's kind of a promise, or possibly a goal. While I've never attempted to kill someone, had my ex-boyfriend drink my blood to save his life, blown up the school, and fought a bunch of vampires all in a week period, it sometimes feels like I have (particularly in the last couple of months). The purpose of this blog is analysis, and that generally requires a brain that functions on the higher levels, but if all I've got is 'Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty' I've still got something.


  1. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Happy Birthday CBTP! Thanks for all the thought-provoking writing. Cheers, J.

  2. John:

    I'm not sure that I'd call it "thought-provoking." "Gut-busting" might be more appropriate, because I've really never read anything so funny in my life, save for Garfield comics and Michael Moore books.

    I'm almost of the opinion that this site is a parody along the lines of .

    Anywho, congratulations on six months, and here's to another six months of giving us capitalist pig-dogs something to have a good chuckle over.

  3. Steve the pirate I've already asked you not to comment on your blog. I will delete any further comments you make.

  4. Happy-half-blog-birthday!
    Congratulations! Your blog is awesome.


  5. congrats Maia - your one of the few I check whenever I can during my travels :)

  6. Hehehe. Awesome, and happy blogging half b-day

  7. Happy half-blogbirthday!

    I feel really stupid, because I'm a Buffy fanatic but I've still never gotten the reference. Clearly, I must rewatch the DVDs.

    Anyhow, obviously I think this is a great blog. Please keep posting!