Friday, May 05, 2006


So I've finally started on getting a link section together - go me. In terms of a blogroll I started with the New Zealand links. I also decided to only link with blogs that I had some sort of common ground with. I've been quite generous with what something in common means - if you're to the left with Helen Clark you probably qualify.

I also got my fun and games section together, because sometimes I use the internet for other purposes than ranting (although mostly it has something to do with Buffy).

The Brick Testament this is the best website ever. Educational, hilarious, and a great way to discover the craziness of the bible. You must go and read the laws right now. Your life will be better because of it.

Jane Espenson's website She may have written my least favourite episode of Firefly, but she also wrote Earshot. Plus sometimes she talks about Joss Whedon, what more do you want from a website?

Television Without Pity In Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Douglas Adams describes labour saving devices: dishwashers watch tedious dishes for you and video recorders watch tedious television for you. I find that Television Without Pity works just as well as a video recorder, but it's funnier.

Damn Hell Ass Kings The writers from Television Without Pity, but without the video recorder like qualities.

The Vine If your problem involves boys, language usage, or cats Sars has the solution.

Whedonesque Where else are you going to find out about Julie Benz's latest project?

New ZealTrevor Loudon is the vice-president of ACT. He also spends his time demonstrating that Jim Anderton is a communist. If he had any power, he'd be scary, as it is he's hilarious. Particularly if you're part of the New Zealand left.


  1. Trevor, I'm sure, will welcome the chance to put your leftie-linkers back on track.

  2. Feeling very flattered to have been linked :)

    By the way, I post at another blog (a pirate-themed feminist blog, actually) called "Avast! Feminist Conspiracy" which has several fantastic contributors. It's sort of the baby of an international feminist community I belong to.

    We don't have a huge readership as yet, but it's super cool. At least, I think it is!!