Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not lucky

Matthew Te Hira was arrested on Friday of last week. He was charged with drink driving and traffic offences. He'd fail to appear for sixteen months. He was remanded in prison. The day after he was arrested he was bashed so badly that he ended up on life support.

I can't really write about this sort of story yet. I can't stand anywhere else, but in the shoes of people who loved Matthew Te Hira.

So I just want to say one thing about the coverage. Beven Hanlon President of the Corrections Association of New Zealand said:

Although it's tough to say, it's lucky it's a prisoner and not a staff member
That's not unionism,or not unionism that's worth a damn. There's a history of this sort of union, tailors who went on strike to exclude women, and a whole raft of Jim Crow unions in the states. But unionism that says that your members are more important than other people, more worthy of life, that's the opposite of solidarity.

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  1. What a strange comment for Hanlon to make, it was completely unnecessary to diminish the harm to the prisoner to get across the point that the working conditions are unsafe for his members. Weird.