Saturday, March 22, 2008

Exciting new blogs

One is Else Woman, a new blog by Anne Else. I have admired Anne Else for years, and her second post shows why. She writes on plastic bags, and the Sunday Star Times current campaign to rid the world of them*:

The only sensible approach to getting rid of plastic is to throw the responsibility back where it belongs. The supermarkets, takeaway bars, yoghurt makers, et al are the ones who put all this stuff into circulation in the first place.

Then they leave us to tie ourselves in knots trying to avoid it - and feel incredibly guilty when we inevitably fail. And if there is one thing no modern woman needs, it's having another load of guilt dumped on her head.

Now that the cloth bags are really cheap, charging for plastic bags is a good idea. But I'm working on a plan to deal with plastic in a completely different way. It involves pausing just before I get to the checkout counter, carefully divesting everything in my trolley of all the surplus packaging, and leaving it neatly piled on top of the nearest display of goods.
Go check out Anne Else's blog

The second is The Hand Mirror. Julie's done a lot of hard work to create a New Zealand feminist group blog. It's got some great content and regular features. I'm going to be posting over there sometimes, and cross-posting some of the posts I write here.

Speaking of which, I am planning on posting a little bit more regularly now (it would be a challenge to post less regularly. I was working on a writing project, which meant at the end of the day I was completely out of words. But now that's all done.

* Admittedly it could be much worse, their other over-riding concern appears to be rehabilitating Clint Rickards.

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