Monday, March 24, 2008

Let them have cake-breaks

David Farrer asks if there are any employers who don't give tea breaks. He even asks if there has ever been a case taken to the employment tribunal around employees being denied breaks that aren't in their agreement. Which is patently ridiculous, because there are no grounds to take the case at the moment, it'd be like taking a case to the employment tribunal about not being paid extra for overtime, if it wasn't mentioned in your agreement. New Zealand has had almost no minimum employment code for 17 years now, you'd think people would be used to that fact.

It seems pretty clear to me that David Farrer's only worked in white collar jobs, because in retail and hospitality things are quite different. I have talked to a school student who was working at a petrol station on Saturday morning from 6am until 2pm without any kind of a break. I have known high-level management forbid tea-breaks after they discovered local managers were allowing them. These happened in reasonably large companies you would have heard of. It's much, much worse in small retail and hospitality outlets; I know there are workers in some cafes who never get a break.


  1. Anonymous11:17 pm

    what a lot of rubbish maia and total hyperbole.

    i bet i have worked in a lot more hospo and retail jobs than you and i always got breaks.

    New world - at least one 15 minute, and up to 2 15s and a 30minute break depending on your shift. more if you did more than 8 hours.

    every bar and cafe i ever worked in (at least 5 and heaps more). entitled to breaks as above, could have take if needed (like if you have just escorted some wasted loser hippy out the door and need time to chill). usually got a free (very good) meal as well.

    retail in multiple shops, always got breaks, i think one of them i did not if i worked less than 4 hours. but good lord how hard is it to work 4 hours with no break?

    i got less breaks as management becuase i was always having to check up on the useless so and sos working for me, who were only worried about their breaks not their jobs.

    these jobs are so easy any monkey can do them, so when you apply, at the same time you ask the pay rate, as the break policy, if they have a crap one, go and work somewhere else, its not hard to get a bar job, or a retail job.

    where are your blessed unions you supposedly think are so good, i never let union scum near me when i worked these jobs that supposedly get screwed on breaks and i always got a good allotment of them. so how about the people being screwed by nasty management call their union and make them get off their fat arses and do something to earn their rediculous fees.

    if i could manage it with no union bully boy crying behind me, surely they can manage it with the useless union git?

  2. My word, what a nasty little rant! Tell me gren, have you ever climbed Mt Everest? Have you ever been in an operational Soviet gulag? Have you ever been to the moon? I suspect you would have to answer no to all of these questions, yet surely you would not question that they are experiences others have had? Please please consider learning to think outside the square you live in.

  3. Anonymous10:47 am

    How ironic Julie that you mention Soviet Gulags.. the same type of ideology that Maia supports.

    Maia didn't state she worked in hospo, she said she spoke to one person about it. So equally Julie you should be questioning her about her judgements rather than you piling on your hyperbole nonsense.

    I have plenty of in many industries both as a lowly paid student and manager and have never seen a company not allow breaks. I am quite confused how this law will be enforced or work.
    I guess it is something a union will announce as one of their "victories" over those evil oppressive capitalist employers.