Monday, August 06, 2007

Things I should be writing about.

There's a Strike in Fiji. Make sure you read the comments, because there's some interesting stuff going on.

There's also a lock-out at Gateway Hotel. As regular readers know I believe that employers are thieving, parasite, dogs, but this is a particularly nasty lot of thieving parasite dogs, who seem to believe that labour laws are for other people. If you live in Auckland go and support them on the picket line. I'll post updates if there's anything else people can do.

There's also a great Kathryn Ryan interview of Melanie Trevethick. Melanie Trevethick has MS, and is taking a human rights claim, because of the difference between what she has access to, and what she would have access to if her impairment was caused by an accident. The discrepancy between the level of state support between someone whose injury or impairment was caused by accident, and someone whose injury or impairment is not attributable to an accident is completely unjustifiable.

This is an important social justice issue, and a feminist issue. From memory, 75% of money from ACC is paid out to men. There are many reasons for this (men's higher earnings and ACC does not recognise unpaid labour), but one of them is that men are more likely to suffer impairment related to accidents, and women are more likely to suffer illnesses, or process injuries that may be work-related, but are more deniable from ACC's perspective.

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