Sunday, August 26, 2007

I know I'm a little bit behind the curve on this one...

Outrageous Fortune is absolutely fucking brilliant.

I haven't enjoyed a NZ TV show this much since Strangers (not only do I remember Strangers I could still do the sign language for ZanEmMoKel - I have such hidden talents).

I'd watched the first episode of Outrageous Fortune when it airedand thought 'this is OK', but I hadn't loved it enough to watch the second episode - which is a shame because the second episode would have gotten me addicted seeing as how it features a strike at the supermarket Cheryl was working at, and the supposed ditz swapped drinks with the man who was trying to drug rape her and tied him to a bed.

I've only watched five episodes so far, so consider this a provisional rave review - but I can't wait for more.

I already though Robyn Malcolm was awesome - but I clearly had no idea. Cheryl West owns the show, and Robyn Malcolm is incredible in the role - she fights for her family - and they fight for her back (and with her, as you'd expect - the family relationships are very well drawn). As I've said before I don't believe that individual characters can be feminist,** but the characters and the relationships between them make this a feminist show with Cheryl at the centre.

I keep coming back to the great politics of the show - but I don't want to distract readers from its excellent quality. It's very, very funny, with a humour that comes out of the characters. By episode five I was in hysterics just at the way Munter was looking at Van.**

I haven't even mentioned the way cops, prison guards, lawyers and other members of the establishment are portrayed - let's just say it makes me very happy.

I love art that makes ordinary people's lives epic. Outrageous Fortune does that in spades.

Does anyone have early season three episodes recorded? Or will I have to wait for the DVD?

I'm sure I'll have more crazy raves when I've watched some more episodes.

* Although if I did Cheryl West, may well join Kaylee on the list of characters who come closest.

** I know this blog post already has a ridiculous number of superlatives, but there are no words for how much I'm loving Van and Munter. Munter is hilarious, and Van is so very sweet (and also hilarious).


  1. Anonymous12:11 pm

    wow, you are behind, I have been addicted since day one, the good news is that you can already get series one and maybe two, on DVD at amalgamated video and probably other places too
    Mr G

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I felt the same as you until a few weeks ago. I loved Outrageous Fortune so much and really admire Robyn Malcolm. The script writers twisted the plot in a way that makes me sick and I have stopped watching the show because I don't agree with the writer's ethics. The whole thing makes me really angry.