Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're here today in solidarity...*

The Maori party has taken a stand for accurate analysis:

"All Howard has done is generate more anger and bitterness in the Aboriginal community, a lot of which is going to be internalised," Mr Harawira said.

"I said John Howard is ... trying to impose racist policies on a people who can't fight back,"
The Stuff article on this has the word racist in scare quotes: "Aussie PM 'racist' Maori Party MP claims." A policy that reduces benefit entitlements only to indigenous Australians, steals land, and invades communities is racist, we don't need MPs to point that out.

But naming racism is not enough, in days like these. If you live in Australia you must go to your local solidarity demonstration on July 14 (Melbourne details here and other cities here.

In Wellington there are going to be two demostrations one on Friday 13th from 12.30pm to 1.30pm outside the Australian embassy. The second will be a march meeting at Midland park at 12pm, and ending at Te Aro park.

*A friend of mine, I'll call him Manuel, was once on the megaphone at an anti-roading demo and started "We're here today in solidarity with the people of Iraq.." he realised what he said and said "Oh shit, oh well it's all connected anyway." Which is true enough, but I've never let him forget it.

Edited: Apparently Truthiness doesn't mean what I think it means - I had a vague feeling I was quoting Buffy, apparently not.


  1. Lol truthiness, thats a famous george w bushism.... purposeful?

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    "Truthiness" is not a "george w bushism". It was coined by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert characterising President Bush's style of thinking as based on gut reaction and emotional response without recourse to fact, reason, or logic. So to take a stand *for* "truthiness" is to take a *stand" against fact, reason, and logic. So, ironically, Maia's malapropism is true, but not in the way she intends. The Maori party *has* taken a stand against fact, reason, and logic.