Monday, July 09, 2007

Australian Labor Party: Taking a stand against accurate analysis

I was in Australia last week, and heard quite a lot about Joe McDonald. A union leader in the construction industry who had been suspended from the Australian Labor party, because of something he'd said on a workplace visit:

I'm not going because Jello here said so but I really have got some important union business to do. I'm quite happy to go under the walkway down there and have the meeting if you are, or we'll have it here. I'm easy. This fucking thieving, parasite dog's days is numbered. He'll be working at Hungry Jack's when I'm still a union official.
You can find a fuller transcript at Serve the people

Bosses are theiving parasite dogs, thieving and parasiting is how capitalism works.

There is a more serious point here. The workers wanted to meet with the union official - the boss didn't want them to. The bully here, the person who was abusing power, was the construction boss, not the union leader.

New Zealand's construction industry isn't as unionised as Australia's. Workers die because they can't fight collectively for a safe workplace.

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