Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Thousand Pickets and They All Agree...

I've written about hosptial workers before. Some of the lowest paid workers in hospitals, cleaners, orderlies, kitchen hands, have come together to fight for better wages across the system. At the moment much of the work is contracted out, which has lead to a rush to the bottom for wages. Spotless has withdrawn from national bargaining, and a pay-scale the other employers have agreed to.

Spotless workers are currently voting on strike action starting Thursday morning at 7am. Spotless operates in: Invercargill, Timaru, Palmerston, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui, Rotorua, Gisborne, Tauranga, Waitemata, Counties Manukau and Northland. If you live there, make sure you make it to a picket line. If you don't live in any of those towns, consider a day trip.

For more information check the union website. I'll also post updates.

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