Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Comment Policy

I've been too busy to deal with the ignorant anti-union comments that have been posted on my blog lately. The comments that offend me most are the ones that insult the locked-out workers by implying they're not capable of making decisions.

I've come to realise I don't have to host this shit. Right-wing union bashing comments will be deleted. If you want to be obnoxious and ignorant go do it somewhere else.


  1. Yes I encourage all anti-union comment to come over to my blog.

    Of course a fair and balanced blog can see when workers are unfairly treated as well as the other side - when the unions are holding big business to ransom with their behaviour.

    A recent example being this slapping I gave to Pak n Slave:

  2. Anonymous10:13 am

    Your blog so you can delete comments as you see fit.

    I would have thought most comments on your blog "against" unions were actually constructive critisism on how to improve workers conditions and wages.

    Calling these people right wing is an insult. You have no idea of their leanings or associations.

    If you think only good ideas for improving workers conditions and wages can come from the current group of socialist union organisers good for you.

    But there are other ideas and initiatives out there.

  3. fair enough for deleting the posts
    I guess the balance comes from choosing which comments will further debate, and which ones are just silly