Thursday, September 14, 2006

Matter for clarification

Last Wednesday there was an editorial in the Dominion Post that personally attacked Laila Harre for the progressive lock-out. Exactly how Laila Harre could be held responsible for the actions of the bosses is a little beyond me. I also know for a fact that the workers have voted, repeatedly on the strike, and the workers at the NDU are just putting into action their decisions.

But what I really wanted to respond to was the idea that this was all part of her secret plan to run for president of the Council of Trade Unions.*

If only.

If only having a major industrial dispute, and playing to win, was how you got the support of affiliates to be an officer of the CTU. Unfortunatly there is very little evidence that that's the case.

* I want to make it clear that I think that Ross Wilson, president of the CTU, is doing an amazing job during this dispute.

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  1. Anonymous8:20 pm

    it just goes to show that democracy must shine thru, regardless of previous convictions. laila harre is standing for the rights of the workers, not big business. its obvious she has their interests at heart, instead of those of big business. theres no reason why she should be blamed for the actions of big business