Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two thoughts about the middle east

1. Why is all the attention on the people from Western countries who are trying to get out of Lebanon, rather than the Lebanese people who are stuck there?

2. So shall we assume because everyone's reporting on the shiny new war, that everything got fixed in Gaza while no-one was looking? Yeah I thought not.


  1. you are right in the second. also here we are always worry about the war in lebanon, but some times we think:" wait a second, what has closed in gaza"?

  2. Galihad - I'm glad to see that your strength is the strength of 10 because your heart is pure - please don't post again on my blog.

    Also your search for a Russian bride is fucking creepy.

  3. The last bloke wanting to destroy entire "groups" and states used the term "ausrotten" rather than "destroy," Galihad. Of course, he was a Jerry, so using German expressions was understandable.

    All our attention is on the Westerners trying to get out of Lebanon because we also are Westerners. The Arab media won't be mentioning us at all, except to point out how our govts are standing back watching Lebanon get destroyed.

  4. Ewwwww. And by the way, the correct spelling is "Galahad". I wonder if this illiterate, sexist, creepy twerp is anything like the men in this Pandagon post:

    But of course, he couldn't be. He's a "hunk."

  5. There are worse places in the world than Gaza that have less than 1% of the articles about them as Gaza gets.

    So my sympathy for them getting slightly less attention is limited.

    As to why we focus on the evacuation - well personally I don’t care much but I guess (in addition to those people being potentially from the countries the stories go to) it makes a simple story. I.e. clearly defined group goes to a site with clearly defined objective faces clearly defined threat, is easy to interview, and almost certainly has a happy ending.

    News is generally entertainment – if we want it to be informative it needs to be centrally controlled by a group that doesn’t care what the people want. And then you run into other sorts of bias…