Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post Secret

I've linked to the Post Secret site before. But this week's postcards are particularly moving so I thought I'd remind everyone they're out there. The juxtaposition of the second and third postcard is powerful because it hints of hope.

And the person who e-mailed in "I believe you" is my hero of the day.

I've long thought that telling the truth about women's lives was a feminist act, and I've usually taken that further - that telling the truth about anyone's life is an act of resistance. It's not enough, not by itself, but it's often an important starting point. Each week Post Secret confirms my belief.

Friend of the blog and occasional commenter Betsy gave me a copy of the post-secret book for my birthday. It's everything you'd expect. For some reason the one that's stayed with me is the young person who wrote in: "When my parents went away I trashed the house, so they'd think I had friends." Go get a copy of the book out of your library - or borrow mine.


  1. The postcard from the book that really got to me was the one that said something to the affect of, "I make t-shirts with random quotes from obscure movies, hoping someday, someone will get the joke and be the best friend I've never had."

  2. Anonymous6:25 am

    This is more than a little random, but I am a student journalist and I am doing an article on the nature of secrets and their evolution through the internet. I read one of your livejournal posts and saw that you are interested in PostSecret.
    I was wondering if you would mind answering a few questions for me about this.
    If you are willing to do this please email me at ctowson@worcester.edu
    Thank you in advance,