Sunday, July 20, 2008

Victim Blaming

It appears New Zealand is having a victim blaming weekend. I was hoping to write something a little more complex as I got back into the swing of blogging - the limits of an analysis of prejudice maybe, or just more about Joss Whedon. But no

Stuff headlines the article about a double murder in Auckland with Crime of passion at Auckland apartment leaves two dead. The article includes the following quote:

Sources said a 30-year-old Iraqi man walked in on "something he shouldn't" yesterday morning which led to a 2½ hour standoff with police.
I'm not even linking to the article on the inside page, which is describing how Kristin Dunne-Powell behaved before and after having her back broken by Tony Veitch. Guess what? It's not relevant.

Then Ethical Martini (whose ethics appears not to be above a little victim blaming) asks the vital questions, such as was Tony Veitch being blackmailed (nope not linking to that either). Got to love the passive voice, it's easier to hide the fact that you're victim blaming when you don't mention the name.

All this is, of course, sending a message. The same message that the woman who was raped by the English rugby players received. If you are abused by a famous man, do everything you can to keep it quiet, otherwise your every move will be evaluated and dissected, and you will be blamed for the abuse.

Can I make this absolutely clear:

It is never women's fault or responsibility when men abuse them.



Not even if she's drunk.


Not even then.



  1. Anonymous2:06 am

    That crap is going on over a Tumeke! too. Seems like people are keen to find any explanation other than man bashes woman and fails to take responsibility for it.

    There's also someone trying to figure out if this is really a case of 'just plain assault' rather than domestic violence. Can't see the relevance of that either, other than it's another way to focus on her behaviour instead of his.

  2. Anonymous10:26 am

    Was interested and not surprised to see on Campbell live the Lawyer for the rape victum of the English rugby team saying that in these cases "lies about the victum are often circulated to discredit her and are picked up by the main stream media very quickly.

    I often see women in the MSM taking the position of their bosses I.E. Usually men. I guess many men working in the media also sell out on womens issues to protect their own careers etc.
    Its good to see John Campbell doing some honest interviews of women and on womens issues. I don't watch very often so am not sure if this is a consistent pattern with him or not. He does appear to be less anti-women than journalists of the other channels.

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Hypothetically, what if the women sexually abused her kids and the man found out about it and hit her. DO the rules still apply.

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    What if she was cranked up on P and came at you antonie dixon style with a machete, would you defend yourself or die?