Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Veitch

"I will talk to an employment expert about Tony Veitch's employment situation"
"So media expert, what implications does this have for TVNZ?"

Tony Veitch broke his ex-partner's back. The most important issues here aren't about employment or media, but abuse. Kristin Dunne-Powell, was always treated as tangential to the story, but quickly Tony Veitch's abuse also became invisible. The process stories analysing who would do what soon overtook anything substantive.

So I feel the need to talk about some basic facts about abusive relationships:

  1. Abuse and violence within relationships tends to escalate.
  2. Abuse isn't about losing control of yourself, but about gaining power and control over your partner.
  3. After a relationship has broken up is the most dangerous time for women in abusive relationship.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:53 pm

    TVNZ sure has a strange employment policy.
    A lowly front desk security guard can get fired for making an off the cuff remark, to self styled celebrity Christine Rankin over her stereotyping of Maori.
    But a misogynistic sports reader can kick the hell out of his female defacto partner,and enjoy thr protective cover of TVNZ's senior executives.