Friday, June 08, 2007



Supported by Amokura, Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga, Va'aomanū Pasifika: Samoan Studies and Pacific Studies, Te Kawa a Maui: Maori Studies, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University.

Professor Angela Davis will present at TWO PUBLIC SPEAKING EVENTS.

25 JUNE 2007
(8 Alfred St, Auckland University Campus)
7pm - 8:30pm

26 JUNE 2007
(23 Lambton Quay - Nth end)
7pm - 8:30pm


Born in Alabama in 1944, Angela Davis is an African- American philosopher who was associated with the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 1970's, as well as the Communist Party of the United States of America. She first achieved nationwide notoriety when she was linked to the murder of the judge Harold Haley during an attempted Black Panther prison break; she fled underground, and was subject to
an intense manhunt. After 18 months as a fugitive, she was captured arrested, tried, and eventually acquitted in one of the most famous trials of recent U.S. history.

Angela Davis is currently Professor of History of Consciousness at the University of California and Presidential Chair at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Professor Davis' research interests include: feminism, African American studies, critical theory, popular music culture and social consciousness and the philosophy of punishment (women's prisons).



  1. Yeah, posts advertising a visit by Angela Davis always get me all worked up about the condition of the state's tits as well. Hey ruth, why didn't you leave a link to your blog? I find your bizarre, ill-informed bile rather amusing and would love to read more of your work.

  2. That's really exciting! How did you find out about it? I'm assuming that if she's coming to NZ she'll be coming to Australia as well? The Sydney Writers Festival is happening right now, and I thought maybe she was in town for that, but Googling brings me nothing.

    Also, hi! This is my first comment on your blog. :-)

  3. Hopefully someone will ask her NOW what she thought of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's criticism of her support of the Soviet Union when he said "Comrade Davis, you were in prison. You know how unpleasant it is to sit in prison, especially when you consider yourself innocent. You have such great authority now. Could you help our Czech prisoners? Could you stand up for those people in Czechoslovakia who are being persecuted by the state?"

    Angela Davis answered: `They deserve what they get. Let them remain in prison.'

    Nice, so she believes the state should imprison political dissidents, or anyone who challenges the monopoly power of the communist party. She clearly turns a blind eye to the political torture by those regimes, was sympathetic to the East German totalitarian regime which imprisoned its entire population behind walls (got her Ph.D there, great!).

    Of course she might have changed...

  4. Having just disagreed with Libertyscott over at NRT, I come here and find myself in complete agreement with him. Totalitarians of whatever stripe can get fucked. If Davis thinks the Soviet Union was a good model for the rest of the world, Orwell's "1984" was written with her in mind.

  5. Anonymous3:32 am

    leftalign : Hey ruth, why didn't you leave a link to your blog?

    I don't have a blog. It amazes me that anti-civilization advancement people like Maia do despise capitalism while on the courtesy of Google (a capitalist producer) that allows Maia to have a free-blog. Don't you see that as double standard?

    It is people like Maia who suck from the states tits that need to support capitalism, since private capitalist producers do create wealth and as a result of that, jobs are created. See Maia can get off the state's tits and endorse capitalism and that will make her move forward in life. She will never ever make herself better off in life for the next 50 years of her life, because she is anti-success and anti-most-things. She endorses people that don't give her inspiration to move forward in life. She is better to endorse Bill Gates than to endorse losers like ANGELA DAVIS. Maia could learn a thing or two from Bill Gates of how to be success or at least how to move forward in life. But what is Maia gonna learn from ANGELA DAVIS? Nothing at all. The only inspiration from ANGELA DAVIS is to get hooked on to the state's tits and suck hard for as long as she is being anti-everything.

  6. Anonymous1:04 pm

    LS, PM, I'd hate to pin someone to a comment that they made 30 years ago - her position on current totalitarian regimes is probably more instructive (and of course I'd like to find out what that is).

  7. George that was my point at the end, but if Ian Smith from Rhodesia came over, or a former member of Britain's National Front, or David Irving comes over - well, the reaction is obvious, and correctly so.

    Given taxpayers are paying for this, it is a question that refugees from those regimes deserve answered.

  8. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Oh. Maia is anti-success? I thought she was just anti-jerks. I suppose if 'success' is trying to make lots of money with as little regard as possible to other people, you might just be right.