Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review: The Long Way Home, Part IV

I don't expect from Joss's openings, they're not as strong as his endings. Every Season (except possibly Season 6 where Joss wrote neither the first episode or the last) the first episode has been much weaker than the last, and less satisfying than many of the episodes in between.

Now I've read all of it, I'm not that impressed with The Long Way Home. I'd say it was about on par with Lessons, possibly slightly better than the season openers not j. But much worse than Anne, When She Was Bad or Sunday, which were more concerned with letting us see where the characters were, than setting up a whole bunch of new plot. Because setting up plot is often boring, and should be done really slowly.

A lot of the on-going ideas I really like I'm really looking forward to more Giant Dawn, and the army hating them. But there's too much that is just a little bit off. Amy and Warren bear only the most superficial resemblence to the people they were on the show. Dawn's 'she's like a Mom to me' about Willow doesn't reflect the relationship we saw, and certainly not the events of Season 6.

I'm really unsatisfied with what had happened between Willow, Xander & Buffy. Even if we don't know now what happened to Willow (and there's no reason we shouldn't, except contrivance, because surely Willow would tell Buffy & Xander as soon as battling stopped), we should at least know what happened from Buffy's point of view (remember number one rule, we should go through what the characters go through).

I hope that the writers who wrote on the show soon get tired of the thrill of an unlimited budget. Just because you can now have battles of hundreds doesn't mean that two battles (and a practice fight of dozens) are that interesting. Likewise the five spirits added less than nothing to the comic as a whole.

I'll buy the next one, and I'll probably buy the Faith arc. But so far the story has been more about the cool things they can do than people, and that's not Joss at his best.

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  1. Anonymous7:16 am

    Oh God, there was nothing about season 6 that was good, aside for the occasional bit of Buffy/Tara subtext.

    Still havent been able to read the comics yet, grrrrr. I can't seem to find them anywhere.