Thursday, May 31, 2007

On a more cheerful note

The NDU workers at the progressive distribution centre walked out of work in solidarity with Dennis Maga, a visiting Filipino trade unionist, whose life may be in danger when he returns.

The workers at Favona Rd are already my heroes, it's so awesome that they keep getting stronger and fighting harder.


The Service and Food Workers Union have been trying to get a Multi-Employer Collective Agreement in the public hospitals, which would cover cleaners, orderlies, and other service workers, whether they're employed by the DHBs or employed by subcontractors. Currently people doing exactly the same job are paid differently depending on where they live or who they work for. The DHB can use competitive tendering to try and drive down wages for service work. The SFWU put out strike notices, and the employers responded by locking the workers out. The industrial action was to begin today, but they've gone into mediation for two days. If the strike does begin on Saturday I'd urge people to go down to the picket lines, and give any money you can afford to the locked-out workers.

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