Thursday, November 06, 2008

Not many thoughts on the US election

Paul Henry (more than once) during today's TVNZ US election results:

96% of black voters voting for Barack Obama, that's huge who could have predicted that
Well everyone, ever. Gore got 90% of African American votes, Clinton and Kerry 80 something percent. I'd never seen Paul Henry in action before; the way he manages to combine racism and ignorance is painful to watch.

I was grateful whenever TVNZ cut to anyone but Paul Henry. Even though CNN's election wonks asked weird ass questions: "What are white women doing?" I was watching the election coverage at the time while eating Whittaker's dark almond chocolate, but that may not be a universal experience of white women.

And in other news I had $50 on this election and won. Which has put me in a good frame of mind about the American election. Not that I hate democratic presidents any less. But I have decided to have some hope for the crowds who have been waiting in line to vote, and turning up at rallies in massive numbers. That when the world that they're dreaming of is not delivered from the white house, at least some of them will educate, agitate or organise.


  1. Your last few sentences were pretty much exactly what I said.

    I've been far more concerned about the ballot measures, and they are a thoroughly mixed bag.

  2. The rampant homophobia is really depressing. But apart from that most of the awfullest ballots were defeated. No ballot to restrict abortion succeeded, Colarado's ballot to gut workers rights failed, and two out of three anti-immigration ballots failed.

    But what the fuck is wrong with California I don't know.

  3. Anonymous2:52 pm

    and yesterday the US neworks were posting all kinds of stats and breakdowns. My question is this;

    how do they know how individuals voted, are we identifiable as anything other than a number and how would they know who was "black"

  4. I think the ballot measures combined with the election of Obama tend to show that rather a lot of republicans probably voted for Obama? But I don't know much about the inns and outs of US politics.

    Mmmmm Whittakers.

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