Monday, September 08, 2008

Dispatches from Day 6 - Operation 8 Depositions Hearing

As I mentioned in my last dispatch lots of children have been affected by the raids, and some of them are at court. One of those is a thirteen year old girl who was taken into a room away from her mother and strip searched during the raids. She has been doing fantastic drawings of Pascoe and liberation signs. Today, she challenged Pascoe as he went into court “He’s a terrorist, and a bad man.”

The depositions hearing has brought together some of the people who have been affected by the raids. To spend more time with people who went through the same things, last October and November, has made us stronger.

Otherwise the Crown’s case just drags on, and obviously I still can’t report on it. One of the reasons the depositions hearing is taking so long is that the judge has very little patience, and calls an adjournment for the slightest delay. Today the lunch break started half an hour early, rather than take the time to sort out the papers and get something done.

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