Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Her words...

One of the women that Brad Shipton raped was interviewed on Nine to Noon yesterday about the parole board report.

It's an incredible interview, well worth listening to. She reminded me of the worst sentence of the parole board report, which I didn't write about yesterday:

He is said to be low risk of sexual offending and if he were to sexually reoffend, it is likely that this would involve a sexual assault on an adult woman in the context of a brief sexual liaison.
I can't make that statement make any sense, and yet it's still unbelievably offensive and ignorant.

The legal process has taken a huge toll on this woman, but what is most clear from the interview is the wisdom that she has from experience, and the strength of her analysis of rape.

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  1. Brad Shipton is a violent and viscious rapist. He will always be a danger to woman and should never be considered as "low risk".

    It's an insult to all rape victims. The way the courts treat victims of rape is disgusting and only around 10% of sexual assault cases result in a conviction. It's a bloody disgrace.