Thursday, January 04, 2007

Places to go

Aotearoa Indymedia has a great end of year summary. It's a good summary what's being going on around the country - and further afield last year. The only criticism I'd make is they left out the excellent series of posts from Tonga. It still shows that Aotearoa indymedia is more than chicken liberation.

Mark Lillico, a Wellington human rights lawyer, has started a blog. So far he's written about the prison system, particularly the death of Liam Ashley (an event I couldn't write about it, I found it so depressing). He specifically mentions human rights when it comes to prisons, immigration, and criminal law (which are all important issues that don't get discussed enough). Plus he's defended heaps of my friends (and go them off).

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  1. The Tonga reports are in there, they're links number 2-5 in the sentance "The peope in Tonga are rising up against the monarchy and the government. Riots broke out on 16 November after a pro-democracy demonstration in Nuku'alofa which destroyed large parts of the central city [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] while in Auckland a Tongan activist rammed the gate of the King's residency."

    And yeah, just like when we did last years wrap up, I'm surprised at how much has gone on....lots of things I'd forgotten after a year too.