Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Notes on Comments

1. I've allowed anonymous comments again. I had to turn off anonymous comments during the police rape case - if for no other reason than the confusion that is caused when there are 20 different people called anonymous all disagreeing with each other (I was also getting a lot of spam). I will be more inclined to delete obnoxious anonymous comments than obnoxious named comments. But some of my favourite commentators have stopped posting since I turned off anonymous commenting, and I'm hoping they'll come back.

2. I'm not necessarily planning on posting a lot on Israel's invasion of Lebanon (although possibly writing about Gaza right now might be a good idea, because the excitement of a new war seems to have meant that it has slipped right off the radar), but I thought I should warn people that anyone who uses the "Jews" instead of Israelis will have their comments deleted (and possibly be banned). The only people who have any interest in conflating Israelis and Jews are Anti-Semites and Zionists. I'm not willing to host the myths that uphold either of those ideologies on this blog.


  1. To help you take a break from the issues of the day: Tag, you're it!

  2. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Re: sage's comment

    I knew you were it and now I have proof.

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    thanks for the new policy. i'm really sick of people talking about 'the jews' or referring to Israel as 'the Jewish state'. but i'm also sick of people saying 'the israelis' when they mean the israeli government or the IDF or the State of Israel. Just because people happened to born there doesn't mean they agree with the government's policies or even support the existence of the state.

  4. When I started reading your second point I was very confused. It had just never really occurred to me to think of the actions of the Israeli Govt as being the actions of them Jews. It's startling that people think like that, but clearly they do. Urgh.