Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ningun Ser Humano es Ilegal

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow.

I've been busy the last couple of days, and only just had time to find out what happened on May Day. I'm out of town at the moment, and I'm sitting in an internet cafe going through the indymedia protests, looking at photos, and almost crying over how unbelievably amazing the American Mayday immigrant right protests were.

That photo is from San Francisco, and those links each go to a different indymedia sites. You can also find out more information, here, here, here and here.

What really got to me (and made me all emotional) was the solidarity. Immigration is a workers issue, and it doesn't just affect illegal immigrants. The photos from Chicago, which had the biggest protests, showed that people understood that. As a history geek, I was particularly excited the Chicago. May day marks the campaign for the 8 hour day, and the Haymarket riots, and the state murder that followed. The people who fought for the eight hour day were mostly immigrants and those organising now are continuing that fight.

This photo is from Chicago, near Haymarket:

PS I stole the title from a banner; I don't speak spanish. I hope it's not too hideously wrong.


  1. Not to be disrespectful, but are you high when you write this stuff or something? I mean, first off you cite Indymedia as if it's a nonbiased, legitimate news source rather than the extreme left-wing propaganda site that it is. Second, you exhibit such a degree of state worship that it absolutely makes me sick. Your grammar isn't the best, which leads me to the whole drug use conclusion. You have such a hatred of capitalism that it's almost funny; you're like a walking propaganda machine here for the Communist Party. However, you fail to realize that capitalism is the reason that you have such a voice on the internet; American ingenuity and technology is the reason you have your little corner of the intraweb all to yourself. CAPITALISM. NOT COMMUNISM. NOT SOCIALISM. MARX BAD. MONEY GOOD.

    I guess I could go through and debunk every single one of your points for the sake of putting you to task, but my buddy Dean has already done that:

    I guess my point sums up like this: humans may not be illegal, but that doesn't mean that they can't do illegal things. Like crossing the borders of a sovreign nation without permission of that government. I mean, you live in New Zealand for the love of baloney! I'd worry about your own government before you criticize mine.

    To wrap things up:

    Your buddy,
    Steve the Pirate

  2. Mmmm, you have to love those 4AM mistakes.

    Here's the link I meant to supply:

    Have a nice day.

  3. God forbid you ever leave that little island you are on. What a shock the real world would be to you.

    When I visited Invercargill, I noticed something about the political conversations. They were all the same. If you could ever get off the brainwashed hype that England feeds you, you might see that capitalism has served people quite well. All you need is the drive to work hard and you can succeed.

    Since when has hard work been a bad thing? Someone's got to shear all those sheep.


  4. Help, help, somebody call the police. A blog called "Capitalism Bad" is anti-capitalist. What's the world coming to?

    Most capitalists are generally in favour of the free movement of capital, between countries, so that they can set up shop where business is most profitable.

    It's consistent with those principles to allow people to correspondingly move to where they can earn the most money. If you're a principled believer in the free market, free movement of capital should be accompanied by free movement of labour.

  5. Steve the pirate: You are being disrespectful, the least you could do would be to own it. Could you please not bother me on my blog, go mock me on your own blog.

  6. Not to be disrespectful, capitalists, but if you hate this blog so much, why do you bother reading it and commenting on it? As far as I know, Maia doesn't troll your blog with rude comments, so why are you trolling hers?

  7. Sofiya,

    Who says we "hate" this site? I may disagree with the views expressed here, but I often read and explore the opinions of others that differ from my own. Sometimes, when I find compelling arguments I alter my own opinions. That is one of the great things about a free society. We can disagree, argue and discuss differing opinions without fear of harm or arrest. Why would you think that free and open discussions are a bad thing?