Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kathryn Ryan

I've decided I like her.

I still find her lack of opinion slightly unnerving. It often results in her being overly focused on politics as a game, and not on the issues. When she interviewed the father's rights movement the other day I felt she spent rather a lot of time focusing on how the protest would be perceived.

But her interviews on Tasers were interesting and revealing. I thought she managed to have an opinion and provide information at the same time - she lets her guests talk. Plus it wasn't an issue that wouldn't have appealed to Linda Clark's middle-class liberalism,

Also she replaced Peter Harris with Laila Harre and Jon Gadsby with Michelle A'Court. Both of which are steps to the left, and steps away from 'unbelievably annoying'.

1 comment:

  1. I like her better than Linda Clark, I guess. Linda Clark's voice annoys me, and that interview she did in the Listener was unbelievably irritating. I just wish Kim Hill would come back. For aesthetic rather than political reasons, really. I just loved those stunts she pulled - roaring at interviewees and then switching their mikes off in a totally unfair way, reducing Jeffrey Archer to twittering jelly, etc. Oh, I loved Kim.