Friday, April 20, 2007

The important voice

I haven't had much energy to read about the latest disaster from the US supreme court. Back there I used the word 'disaster' which is about the extent of my analysis (although it does cover lots of issues quite well).*

But I was reading Phantom Scribbler's excellent post What the Mommy Bloggers Know

If you're mainstream media or one of the major political blogs, and you've just put together some sort of roundup of the blogs' discussion of yesterday's Supreme Court decision, we, the legions of irrelevant mommy bloggers, would like to let you know that we have found it lacking. What, you say? Surely everyone knows that mommy bloggers are only good for talking about naps, dirty diapers, and Linda Hirshman. Far be it from me to assert otherwise. But on the other hand, the mommy bloggers all know that the blogger whose voice is really essential to this discussion is Cecily.

Cecily writes at and I wasted all that birth control, and her post on the supreme court decision should be required reading:
Personally, I do not know which procedure I had. At 22.5 weeks gestation (when my pregnancy ended--and that is based on my last menstrual period, remember, not the date of implantation, so the fetuses were really 20.5 week along) I was right on the line between trimesters. Plus the fact that there where two fetus (one barely alive, and one dead) could have impacted which surgery I had.

Other than having a medical termination, the options open to someone in my position are usually either a) emergency c-section, and b) induced delivery.

My doctor believed--given my particular circumstances--that it would be better for both my short term and long term health to not cut open my body if at all possible. My health was in a precarious state, and the option of a medical termination was the fastest, safest, and least complicated procedure to use. It also preserved the health of my uterus for future pregnancies.
I'm not a parent, but I read some 'Mommy blogs' written by feminists, because they have some of the best feminist analysis on the web.

* Also I blame the Democrats who voted for Alito, and all the other conservative senators

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  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    You forgot to blame the majority of American voters who voted for Bush.

    They did this knowing that he would likely have the power to change the balance of the supreme court.

    Of course, there never should have been a liberal majority in the first place, but that's another story.