Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm vain enough to check my stats reasonably often. Not as much as when I first started writing, when ever reader was a victory, but a few times a week I check how people got here.

Usually they're searching for Brad Shipton, Clint Rickards or Bob Schollum. That people who want to know about those men find what I've written satisfies me.

There are always some upsetting searches which manage to convey a weight of racism or misogyny in so few words. I think most feminist bloggers have it worse than I do; I don't write much about pornography.

But a few days ago someone found this blog by searching for: "rape a woman" "get away with it".

I'm on the second page. He hadn't found what he was looking for in the previous 18 sites, so he checked me out. This is what he read:

For most rapists, there are no consequences, formal or informal. There are consequences for all too many women out there who try and pursue justice and safety.

So any men out there, know you can rape women with impunity, know that there is no need to treat women as human beings. I don't know if you can imagine what it's like to live as a woman knowing that, maybe you could try.
I'm scared he read my words and ignored what I'm saying. I know that most men who rape face no consequences. I'm terrified that this man is now going to add to that number.


  1. If he read your words and ignored what you were saying then there was nothing you could have done to stop him anyway. I tend to think that there is usually a large gap between fantasy and the possiblity of action.

  2. The internet is full of creeps. I made my blog friends-only because of all the creepy people who were finding my blog by searching for some words or phrases that really, really upset me. Oh yeah, and because some arse was trying (rather ineptly, but still scarily) to stalk me. (I made a complaint to the police, but surprise surprise, there was nothing they could charge him/her/it with.) I think it's painfully obvious that in this country at least, men can rape and stalk and abuse women with impunity, and it scares me. But try saying it, and you'll have a bunch of dismissing scoffers telling you you're "whining" or something. As you can tell I'm kind of angry about this...