Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ha Ha

I've always said the best bit of any election is the assholes losing their jobs. I can't imagine any victory as sweet as John Howard losing his seat. It isn't confirmed, but his opponent has been ahead all night.

When the sun rises in Australia tomorrow, or a year from now,* It will be the same racist, capialist, misogynist country - run for many and not the few.

But can Winston losing his seat be our election present?

* I shouldn't rule out the possibility of radical social and political change in Australia in the next 12 months - but it seems unlikely enough


  1. Winston lost his seat last time, but got in on the list :-( I think NZ First disappearing from parliament will be the best thing to come out of next years election, though the last poll I saw had them on just over 5%- hopefully that will drop though. United Future disappearing would be nice too, and also a possibility.

  2. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Peter Dunne is likely to win his seat so I doubt he'll be gone - sadly. It'll be Gordon Copeland (former United Future MP) and his Future New Zealand outfit that disappears.

    There's talk of National's Clarkson retiring so Peters may have another crack at Tauranga. He might also try for an Auckland seat.

    Remember he got in on a recount (Hunua)in 1978, was out between 1981 and 1984, but has stayed put since.