Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shut up you self-involved twit

I've been meaning to write about the utter stupidity of the 'natural' medicine people for a while, and haven't got round to it. There is still a longer post about that coming up, but in the meantime take a minute to comprehend the self-involved stupidity of the group health freedom:

I cannot believe that Helen Clark fails to see the connection between a corporation cutting off power to an oxygen machine with an Australian corporation cutting off supply of safe essential nutrients that many New Zealanders, including myself, depend on.
It is very rarely that I speak for Helen Clark, but I'm fairly sure she can't see the connection, neither can I or anyone else, because there is no connection.

To try and draw a comparison between a woman's power actually being cut off, and her dying a few hours later, and the unproven fears that some people may not have access to their preferred brand of snake oil is insulting and disrespectful.


  1. The connection is here: snake oil salesman kills client, pleads insanity as defence -

    So Helen Clarke has failed utterly to protect the woman in Auckland from being mislead by Samoan "traditional medicine" sellers, but is stopping their Australian competition from having a level playing field.

  2. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Natural health is so full of people selling medicines that are either placebos or mildly harmful which all apparently "support healthy function"

    I remember one bottle that if it had what it said it had in it in any more than the tiniest levels would have killed you by the end of the day. I imagine the guy who made the label didn’t know what the chemicals were – and neither did the people buying it.