Saturday, May 12, 2007

But he has some misogynist defences he hasn't used yet...

Paul Mabey (who you may remember from such defences as Bob Schollum's first, second and third trial) is defending a man who killed his ex-partner and her new sexual partner. His defence is the sexist standby 'provocation' - known in non-legal terms as 'the bitch asked for it'. Apparently the man in question only wanted to kill himself, but then he found his ex-partner in bed with another man and it's understandable that he killed him and then chased her to a neighbouring property and killed her too.

If you want more details of the case you can find them here, although for me that's not the point. What the courts consider an acceptable excuse for killing someone says a lot about our society's idea of acceptable behaviour. Whatever the jury decides, the fact that "she was sleeping with another man" is an allowable defence to murder devalues the woman who was murdered.

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  1. Any sensible society would consider this fuck's claim of "provocation" to be an aggravating circumstance, not a mitigating one. He should get additional years on top for:
    1. Indulging in jealousy to a murderous extent. (Murdering someone out of envy or greed isn't a mitigating factor, so why jealousy?)
    2. Imagining that any woman who lets him fuck her becomes his posession to dispose of as he sees fit. We may not be able to stamp this way of thinking out, but we can keep the mental write-offs involved behind bars for as long as possible.