Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kristin Dunne-Powell

I want to pay tribute to, and stand in solidarity with, Kristin Dunne-Powell.

I had a rant about the media, and the coverage, but I've decided the only voice that is important in all this is hers. Her victim impact statement was in the Herald, and on Thursday she did an interview with John Campbell. In both she explains things she should not have to explain, and makes the reality of abusive relationships clear.

I imagine the Sunday papers tomorrow are going to be horrific. I don't think I'll read them or write about them. I don't want to know what the victim blamers are saying. Women who are abused by powerful men get every piece of misogyny, victim-blaming, and abuse apologism thrown at them from so many channels. I thought it was really powerful that Kristin Dunne-Powell approached Louise Nicholas for support.

I also want to remind people that very few women in abusive relationships have the resources that Kristin Dunne-Powell does. Money doesn't protect women from abusive relationships, but it does remove one of the barriers to leaving. Consider donating to women's refuge.


  1. If you love something, don't set it free: try to hold on to it. If it tries to escape, cut its legs off. If this doesn't work and the blighter gets away, spend the rest of your life plotting its downfall. If you can't have it, nobody can. Never ever be satisfied until it is consumed by its own sense of patheticness and expires in a heap of hopelessness.

  2. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Chris Trotter invokes the New Testament to shed some light on this issue - not. Read Bowalley Road and spew.