Sunday, September 30, 2007

Once they even believed in the redistribution of wealth...

It's a truth universally acknowledged that George Bush can't open his mouth without saying something stupid: This has received attention from "Bush is stupid" commenters around the world. But in commenting on George Bush's inability to communicate even the most basic of concepts - they missed the fallacy in what Bush was trying to say.

Whatever Nelson Mandela has become, the ANC, and larger black resistance against apartheid, was not the movement that Bush wants to persuade us it was. Mandela was arrested as a terrorist. The ANC was not non-violent; they blew stuff up and killed people.

You can say the ANC should have stuck to non-violent resistance (although I think to do so from the comfort of your own home would make you look like a right dick), but to imply that the ANC was non-violent (even if no-one understands what you're trying to do) is just lying.

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  1. Good point.
    In fact the fact that 'Saddam killed the Mandelas' (as he presumably defines them) in a sense is proof of your wider theory.

    But Mandela, besides being violent (at times), was one who was reasonably magnanimous in victory – the main issue is that Sunni or the Shiites who are likely to gain power may well not be so nice if they are victorious. Otherwise there would be a clear group one might offer moral support to.